Aug 05, 2023

Green Tokai a tier one auto parts supplier

Brookville Mayor Chuck Letner (center) presents a certificate of recognition to Kelli Todd, Green Tokai’s general manager of human resources and Green Tokai CEO Terry Klemt.

Terry Baver | The Register-Herald

BROOKVILLE — Kelli Todd addressed council on the services provided by Green Tokai.

Todd, general manager of human resources and safety, noted Green Tokai is a tier one automotive supplier.

A tier one vendor is a company that is a direct supplier for an original equipment manufacturer.

“Our parent company is Tokai Kogyo Ltd., of Aichi, Japan,” Todd said.

Todd said Tokai Kogyo has two locations in the United States.

“Brookville, Ohio, is our corporate location,” Todd said.

“We also have a location in Maysville, Ky.,” Todd added.

Todd said Brookville and Maysville are Tokai Kogyo’s only U.S. facilities.

Todd noted the company has a plant in Mexico.

Todd also added Tokai Kogyo has affiliations with China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Todd said there are three plants located in Brookville.

“We have a little campus in the Brookville facility,” Todd said.

Plant one, located at 55 Robert Wright Drive, consists of 250,000 square feet and is home to Green Tokai’s corporate office.

Plant two, located at 20 Robert Wright Drive, is 125,000 square feet.

Plant three, located at 80 Sakura Drive, is 88,000 square feet.

Todd said plant one handles the rubber and plastic extrusion assembly.

“That plant has approximately 432 full-time associates,” Todd said.

Todd said plant two handles the injection and logistic area of the business and has approximately 79 full-time associates.

“Plant three handles our out-source division and has approximately 13 full-time associates,” Todd said.

“So in total, we have approximately 530 full-time associates. We also have a temporary workforce of approximately 64 associates,” Todd said.

Todd said the Maysville facility opened in 1995 as part of the company’s expansion program.

“That location has approximately 258 full-time associates and 27 temporary associates,” Todd said.

Todd indicated Green Tokai is broken down into three divisions”

• plastic extrusion

• rubber extrusion

• injection molding

Plastic extrusion products include:

• run channel

• air spoilers

• outer/inner weatherstrips

• variable extrusion

• front and rear window molding

• sunroof molding

• roof drip molding

Rubber extrusion products include:

• hood seals

• door opening seals

• trunk lids/tailgates

• door lower seals

Injection molding products include:

• body side molding

• A-pillar garnish

• B-pillar garnish

• quarter window molding

“Our primary customer is Honda which accounts for about 52 percent of our sales,” Todd said.

Our secondary customer is Toyota at 42 percent,” Todd continued.

Todd added Subaru accounts for four percent and Nissan one percent of Green Tokai’s sales.

“Are you trying to branch out?” councilmember J.D. Fowler asked.

“Yes. Our sales department is looking to go into other areas outside of automotive,” Todd replied.

Mayor Chuck Letner asked how many shifts Green Tokai runs a day.

“We run three shifts five days a week. There are some occasions where we have to run six and seven days depending on the volume of orders,” Todd said.

Todd thanked council and the city administration for the support Green Tokai has received since the company located its facilities in the city in 1988.

“You have been an excellent partner in all the years we’ve built the company,” Todd said.

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Brookville Mayor Chuck Letner (center) presents a certificate of recognition to Kelli Todd, Green Tokai’s general manager of human resources and Green Tokai CEO Terry Klemt.