Oct 24, 2023

Fact Check

By Reuters Fact Check

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(Content warning: Graphic special effects footage in social media links)

A video showing a realistic silicone body created for a Canadian horror film is being shared without context alongside claims that it shows a human clone.

An example can be seen (here) with the text, “Maybe cloned or maybe just masks?”

The video shows a person moving around the limbs of a lifelike body with an amputated leg, with the word “CLONING” visible in the top right corner. At the end of the video, search results show thumbnails about human clones and cloning.

The same video appears on an Instagram page @10.shock (here) with a caption that reads in part, “Articulation of full silicone body for Canadian film Violation I was Prosthetic designer on.”

The artist describes how they created the silicone body over 10 days.

The bio of the page reads, in part, “Tenille Shockey, Makeup FX Artist / Lab Tech / Supervisor @mindwarpfx” and lists horror movies such as Chucky and Hannibal.

Previous posts on the same account (here) and (here) show how that silicone body was used in the film.

The silicone body also resembles the actor in the film (here).

False. The video shows a lifelike silicone body created for a Canadian horror film.

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