Sep 28, 2023

Drivers are just realizing a hidden 'emergency' buttons mean you can avoid panicking when your car doesn't start

A CAR expert has unveiled some useful features that the average car user doesn't know about — and one of them could even save your life

The clever motorist demonstrated the location and function of several hidden buttons around the car that can be massively useful in the event of an emergency.

TikTok car influencer Brother Che (@chegeceping) posted a video to his 1.7million followers sharing, as he wrote in the caption, "hidden car features that nobody knows about."

"I teach you these hidden features of cars!" he excitedly said in the video.

"Some save money, some save lives!"

First, Che walked his viewers through how to fix their car if it gets stuck.

"If your car gets stuck, there's no need to call a tow truck.

"Just open the dust cover [of your transmission lever] — there is a yellow emergency shift button inside.

"Take the car key and press it lightly so that you can shift normally without breaking."

Similarly, Che taught his fans how to start a car, even if the ignition doesn't seem to work.

"Our car did not respond to the ignition and it reminded us that the key was not recognized.

"In this case, there is no need to spend money on repairs.

"There is an emergency start button under the steering wheel.

"Just look at the symbol of this key.

"Let's give him the car keys to lean on — that way the car can be started in an emergency."

To close out the video, Che delved into how to handle a broken brake pedal.

"Buckle the electric hand brake switch and hold it tight," he advised.

Finally, Che showed how to escape from a car through the trunk in case the car doors are locked shut, by folding down the backseats to climb into the trunk and then triggering the emergency lock to open up the back hood.