May 29, 2023

Drivers are just realizing there's a 'hidden button' that could save you from having to call a tow truck when stuck

A YOUTUBER has shared a hidden feature he believes could save drivers from needing a tow when their car won't start.

Brother Che pointed to the sneaky fix behind the steering wheel of his vehicle - alongside a number of tips which should be approached with caution.

Brother Che (@chegeceping) gives daily tips and tricks to drivers on his page.

In a video posted in April 2023, the YouTuber introduces the video: "I teach you these hidden features of cars! Some save money, some save lives."

Falling into the former category, he launches into his first tip.

The host claims that if a person's car is stuck, instead of calling a tow truck they can easily move it themselves.

First, they have to pull out the "dust cover" on their gear shift; an automatic transmission car is shown as a demonstration in the video.

Then, he claims, a person can use their key to push down an "emergency shift button" to shift the car in and out of gear.

In neutral, the car's wheels should move freely.

The vlogger goes on to claim drivers with a push-button start car can restart use a sneaky trick to get it going if it doesn't recognize their key.

He says there is a spot on the steering wheel where the driver should be able to hold the key on, while pressing the ignition button, to start the car - and no tow truck is needed.

For his last trick of the video, the host claims to provide a more life-saving trick.

He shared that many cars have an "electric hand break switch."

In an emergency, when the pedal brakes fail, he claims that this hand break can bring the car to a slow and controlled stop.

Last Friday marked one year of the account being live, and it has broken the 1million mark for subscribers.

Despite the account's success, some commenters have questioned his advice.

One person joked: "This guy is the nightmare of mechanics."

Another pointed out that the tips only work for some cars: "Bro says the emergency buttons for his car. Not every car has the same thing."

Despite the naysayers, other viewers were thankful for the tips.

One wrote: "I always fear the day when my brakes don’t work while going 80 on the interstate."

Another commenter corroborated his shifting trick, adding: "He's actually completely right about the first one, every car with a shifter has an interlock that way you can pull it out of park if it's completely dead."