Jun 26, 2023

Gear Break: Topeak JoeBlow Pump, Cycology Rock 'N Roll Handlebar Tape, Litespeed New Flint Gravel Bike, Colnago Glass

Gear Break: Topeak JoeBlow Booster pump, Cycology Rock ‘N Roll handlebar tape, Litespeed debuts new Flint gravel model, Colnago Glass-wegian, Cycloop Tracker delivers safety, security and peace-of-mind to bike owners and the lightest mount for integrated handlebars – Alpitude/Stelvio Corretto.

Topeak JoeBlow Booster Pump

Stephen Cheung Pez Sez:Many of us don’t give a second thought to track pumps for our bikes. Indeed, I’ve had the same pump for about 15 years and it’s worked fine for the most part on all my road bikes and also my gravel and mountain bikes.

But in our age of tubeless tire dominance, the requirements for pumps have changed. Getting air into the tires at the right pressure is one thing, but seating tubeless tires calls for a lot of air at a high rate. Bike shops and some of us may have air compressors that do the job, but for me that’d be pretty much overkill to get a compressor to do one job.

Enter the dual-purpose bike pump like the Topeak JoeBlow Booster. In addition to working as a traditional floor pump, built-in is an additional chamber for holding up to 1 L of air at 160 psi for seating tubeless tires.

The compressor chamber is simple to activate. Simply rotate clockwise the big bezel on the pressure gauge from “Inflate” to “Charge” then pump it up. It takes me about 40 strokes to get the chamber up to 160 psi.

Then with the pump head still on the tire valve, rotate the bezel counterclockwise back to “Inflate” and the air gets released. I’ve found the 160 psi will reliably seat even pretty “loose-fit” tire/wheel combos, even without removing the valve core.

The pump itself is very solidly built at 2.9 kg, with aluminum chambers and a steel base. It definitely has a construction that doesn’t suggest that it will fall apart within a person’s normal lifetime of use. The footprint isn’t huge but it’s enough for good stability.

For my middle-aged eyes (worn glasses since I was nine), I really like the large top-mounted bezel, with PSI in large font on the outside bezel and BARS on the inside. The font is large and easy to read, along with lots of intermediate hashmarks for precision.

On initial use, the gauge has been accurate compared to my other standalone gauges.

The pump head is automatic Presta/Schrader, and engages tube valves securely. There are also two secondary air release valves built-in to the pump to fine-tune air pressure in real-time while still attached to the valve.

The handle is plastic but well-designed for exerting high force. There’s finger grooves on the underside, and you can grip it with both a full grip and with your thumbs above. There’s the tiniest bit of padding to the handle top for added comfort.

Overall, if you’re making the switch to tubeless tires and don’t already have an air compressor in your garage, save yourself a LOT of frustration and consider a dual-purpose pump like the Topeak JoeBlow Booster.

Cycology Rock ‘N Roll Handlebar Tape – $24.95

Cycology handlebar tape combines colorful and lively designs with reliable grip and comfort, making it the perfect stylish update for transforming the feel and appearance of your ride. The bar tape is specifically designed for increased grip, extra padded comfort and shock absorption for your hands, and it can be quickly and easily fitted. Comes in a set of two bar tape rolls with matching Cycology end plugs to give your bike an original eye catching finish.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez: Probably the easiest and least expensive way to freshen up your bike and give it a new look is new handlebar tape. Boring black and classic white are always two safe choices. My personal favorite is my trademark #realmenridepink (because the Giro is my favorite and the most beautiful of the Grand Tours). But when when I put on a new stem and bars as part of my Shimano 105 Di2 build on my Colnago, I decided to be a little bit different and went with Cycology’s See Me Handlebar Tape that’s predominantly pink but with graffitti-like artwork.

So when it came time to replace the handlebar tape on my wife’s bike (a somewhat oldie but still very much goodie Trek Domane WSD), I went the Cycology route again but with their Rock ‘N Roll handlebar tape.

BEFORE: My wife’s favorite color is green

For the record, I’m a pretty handy home mechanic but of all the the things taking care of my bicycles, handlebar tape is my least favorite activity (I know it’s a “simple” task but for me it always seems to be a “chore”). That said, the Cycology handlebar tape was a pretty easy and straightforward install. With other handlebar tape, I often find myself having to figure out how much to pull on it to get it to stretch to the right tightness to wrap cleanly and evenly (and sometimes have to undo and redo the wrap), but that wasn’t an issue with the Cycology handlebar tape. Although getting the tape “just right” around the brakes is always an adventure for me.

In some respects, handlebar tape is handlebar tape. But every rider has their personal preferences. The Cycology handlebar tape is padded for comfort (more or less on par with the tape my wife was previously riding). The surface looks “slick” but is actually fairly “grippy” (it’s smooth as opposed to textured so different in that respect from the tape my wife was previously riding). My wife rides with gloves, but I don’t and (for me) I find the Cycology handlebar tape provides enough cushioning and no slip grip (even in hot and humid weather). YMMV.

AFTER: Some rock ‘n roll!

Of course, what makes Cycology handlebar tape different is the graffitti-like artwork that sets it apart from the crowd . Like their jerseys, the artwork is all original created by Sarina Tomchin (she and her husband Michael created Cycology in 2012).

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

If it’s time to replace your handlebar tape and you’re willing to step out a little and take a walk on the wild side, one of Cycology’s designs (there are 18 different styles) can add a little bling to your ride and set you apart from the crowd.

Life behind bars

Litespeed debuts new Flint gravel model

The Litespeed Flint is titanium gravel versatility in an economical package. Off-road sessions with friends, epic race adventures, bikepacking, and more: the Flint is the sharpest blade in your quiver.

The Flint Hills surrounding Emporia Kansas are iconic for the geology that exists on its surface. A quiet foil, the flint stones that make up the course for Unbound Gravel can serve as the foundation to greatness. Or reach up and slash a sidewall, dashing hopes. Flint can be a spark—or a silent threat.

Tougher than its namesake, the Litespeed Flint is ready for anything. The Flint takes the spirit of adventure and high-speed action, adds a healthy dose of rowdy good times—and packs in a wildly affordable titanium bike that floats over the roughest terrain you aspire to traverse. The Flint is your all-in-one, good-times gravel rig.

The Flint features 3AL/2.5V titanium, fabricated at our factory in Chattanooga, Tenn. With a clean braceless seatstay design for full mud-shedding clearance, super clean cable routing, tons of tire clearance for sure footing, and more, take it all on—no matter the trail. From fast, groomed gravel races to forests or desert singletrack sessions with friends, you can climb and sprint with pure energy.

Massive tire clearance variance gives you ample choice: select from low-volume file tread for speed, or knobby high-volume tires up to 48mm when faced with loose rock, deep sand, or tacky mud. Add loads of accessory options from rack mounts to nutrition and extra hydration/storage mounts, and you’re fully packed for your wildest long adventures. Stable without sacrificing agility, the Flint moves with ease where you want—when you want.

And as always, Litespeed is titanium tough, dialed to tackle everything you throw at it. Mud, sand, rocks—all batted away with ease. With six sizes plus custom options, as well as your choice of crank length, bar width, and stem length, your perfect fit is assured.

The Flint also has all the style. Select from a wide array of vinyl graphics or consider etched graphic or TiDize color anodizing upgrade choices. The choice is yours.

Load up for a day of tackling the trails with the crew or a solo weekend commune with nature. Even the race start line chasing that well-earned finish line beverage! The Flint is your ace in the hole—every time.

Key Features:

Colnago Glass-wegianA unique Colnago V4Rs with iridescent reflections for Tadej Pogačar at the Glasgow World Championships.

The Slovenian champion will race the World Championship, not with his usual Colnago V4Rs, but riding a unique model featuring dedicated graphics, designed by Pogačar himself with the Colnago team: the Colnago Glass-wegian.

Colnago is proud to present the Colnago Glass-wegian, a unique and special bike with which Tadej Pogačar competed at the Road World Championships in Glasgow on Sunday 6 August 2023.

It is a V4Rs with dedicated livery, designed by Colnago in collaboration with Pogačar himself. The paint used is a prismatic varnish which uses holographic pigments that create special color-changing effects.

Although at first glance the bicycle appears to look gray-silver, when exposed to direct light it changes color, reflecting the complete spectrum of the rainbow, from purple to red.A bike with iridescent reflections: what better way to celebrate the World Championships?

The Slovenian champion used the Colnago Glass-wegian in the UCI World Championship road race in Glasgow on Sunday 6 August 2023 to take 3rd place. The race saw some of the best riders in the world compete on a 271km long route between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Cycloop Tracker Delivers Safety, Security and Peace-of-Mind to Bike Owners

After launching in Europe earlier this year, Cycloop Tracker, a compact, damage-resistant, anti-theft GPS tracking system for bicycles, is now available in the United States. The Cycloop Tracker, created by Lithuania’s Monimoto company, delivers enhanced safety and security while acting as both a theft-deterrent and a lighting accessory that adds extra visibility at night. Its size, simple installation and tracking ability make it a must-have for cyclists that love their bikes.

Cycloop uses both GPS and cellular signals to identify the vehicle’s exact location and communicate with the bicycle’s owner. Tracking is initiated when the bicycle moves without the key fob within range of the unit. The owner receives an alert via a phone call within one minute and will then be able to track the bike’s location on the company’s mobile app. Since the system uses both GPS and cellular LTE connectivity, it doesn’t need to rely on adjacent cell phones like some other trackers.

The Cycloop Tracker wraps around the bike’s down tube and is easy to install. It mounts via a special locking mechanism making it extremely difficult to remove. The unit is constructed of a high-quality polymer which is damage-resistant and is programmed to alert the owner if tampering is detected. Cycloop draws power from a long-lasting, rechargeable battery.

“The newest bicycles and e-bikes are a significant financial investment, that’s why we developed Cycloop,” said Bruno Rimkunas, co-founder of parent company Monimoto. “Cycloop provides the exact information that the authorities need to recover a stolen bike. With a good lock and Cycloop, owners can feel confident that their bike is safe and secure.”

Cycloop GPS Tracker is compatible with circular or oval shaped bicycle tubes with a diameter between 0.98 in. to 1.46 in. There are two sizing sleeves included with the device for adjustment. An additional fob is available for purchase as well.

The Lightest Mount for Integrated Handlebars – Alpitude/Stelvio CorrettoStelvio Corretto X Integrated Handlebars

Five years after the launch of the first carbon mount for integrated handlebars, Alpitude announces the new Stelvio Corretto. The new mount is completely realized in Italy in our new workshop in the middle of the Dolomites by our team of carbon crafting experts. It is a completely new piece, redesigned from the ground up in every single detail. The lightness and strength of the structure are the focal points of the new design. The strength was increased by 38% maintaining the same weight. Stelvio Corretto is produced with T700 and T800S carbon fibers joined together by high pressure molding, which makes the piece more solid and resistant. The structure has been designed not only to have a better assembly and durability of the piece in fixing the screws but also for creating an attractive design capable of conveying a feeling of maximum lightness.

The new Stelvio Corretto, respect to the old version, can finally accommodate the carbon fiber combo kit, an accessory that supports the cameras and lights. With this patented option the new mount tips the balance at only 13.5 grams (for the Cervelo S5 version).

Stelvio Corretto is now available for a huge range of integrated handlebar models. In origin the Universal Corretto mount was compatible with these handlebars: FSA Plasma, Pro Stealth Evo, Cinelli RAM 2, Chapter 2 Mana, Ritchey WCS Solostream, Darimo Nexum. Now in addition to these models Stelvio Corretto, thanks to the custom holes and adapters, is compatible also with the following handlebars:

Thanks to the interchangeable head with the 4 universal holes the mount is compatible with Wahoo and Garmin devices.

Here there are all the specifications regarding the weight of the mount based on the handlebar model:

Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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