May 26, 2023

If your AC isn't cooling anymore you need to check under the car hood

A CAR expert has revealed exactly how drivers can check under their hood with a DIY screwdriver trick if their air conditioning isn't blowing cool air anymore.

The auto influencer recently took to social media to reveal the neat trick to motorists.

"One of the solutions for the air conditioner not cooling," wrote popular vehicle pro Chequanlaosi (@chequanlaosi) in the caption for a recent clip explaining the hack on TikTok.

The video featured no narration from Chequanlaosi but took viewers through the process with specific actions.

First, the car expert had drivers pop the hood and check the A/C coolant lines.

After unscrewing a cap to one of the lines, the auto pro used the screwdriver to press down inside until the car pushed out a bit of antifreeze.

Some manufacturers use dye to differentiate it from other fluids and might appear yellow, as the auto influencers did in the clip, per Car and Driver.

If something comes out, that's likely not the issue that's keeping the cool air from blowing through the vehicle's ventilation system.

Instead, Chequanlaosi went to the front of the car under the hood to check out the A/C filter.

It was covered with dust, dirt, and gunk.

The car expert showed that the front protection panel over the filter could be removed using, again, a screwdriver — this time with a flat end.

The tool could be used to pop off screws holding the large piece down, and drivers could then safely remove it to access the filter.

Chequanlaosi did just that and used the screwdriver again to peel off some of the dust on the outside of the filter.

Although it didn't seem to be clearing enough of the gunk out of the filter.

The auto influencer resorted then to a cold air intake filter cleaning spray, which drivers can get at any local shop like Auto Zone for around $20 per bottle.

He sprayed down the entire filter before replacing the cover and putting all of the screws back in place.

After shutting the hood and turning the car back on, Chequanlaosi was able to get cool, clean air blowing through the vehicle once again.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, there's also a way that the A/C system in a vehicle can not only blow cooler but quicker.

In West Palm Beach, Florida, auto expert Angel Borge noted in a YouTube video that most people claim systems in most cars take "too long to cool off."

Similar to Chequanlaosi, Borge also recommended drivers make sure that the vehicle's air filters are clean, both the cabin and cool air intake under the hood.

Most often, the mechanic suggested that motorists ensure they use the re-circulation button when they turn the car on.

That way, the A/C unit is drawing from already cooling air from inside the cabin rather than drawing it from the heat outside.

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