Jan 10, 2024

Old Man Emu Launches Overlander

Old Man Emu 4x4 has a new shock line aimed at giving overlanders and other high-load off-roaders all-day comfort and performance.

Off-road suspension expert Old Man Emu has just launched a new shock aimed directly at overlanders. The MT64 shock is designed for the heavier loads of overlanding, meant to handle long distances and rough roads while maximizing comfort.

Old Man Emu is part of Australian off-road expert ARB. The company designs and builds suspension systems to handle the extreme demands of Australia’s harsh and extremely remote areas. These systems are factory fitment on the new Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter, which should give you an idea as to the company’s capabilities.

The new MT64 shock absorber is designed to slot into the middle of the company’s lineup. It fits in between the mild factory upgrade offered by its Nitrocharger shocks and the extreme performance that the double-adjustable remote reservoir BP-51 bypass shocks deliver.

The MT64 shocks start with aluminum bodies made from 6061 aluminum. They are monotube shocks with a massive 2.8-inch body and big bores. The big bore means there is more oil in the shock. And adding more oil lets the shock stay within its design temperature range even when you’re spending the day pounding down rough roads and trails.

Adjustable spring seats let you raise your vehicle 1-3 inches with the MT64 shocks. It lets buyers pick the amount of lift that works for them, balancing off-road needs with on-road performance and stability. You get maximum shock performance without a lift that needs a stepladder.

Or you can go to full show-off mode in a few hours if you want to. Old Man Emu has three different spring rates in the catalog as well, so you can pick the one that’s right for your vehicle and needs.

Old Man Emu started the shock design using finite element analysis to simulate real-world conditions. Then the company set the shocks loose at its field-testing site near Melbourne, Australia. This, of course, added the real-world results essential to claims of off-road performance.

The company says these shocks are perfect for handling heavy loads, including towing, and doing it for long distances on a mix of pavement, gravel, and trails. In short, this means overlanding, where users bring a full load of camping gear as they head further into the outdoors. Old Man Emu says the shock’s characteristics make it great for work trucks that head down bad roads and 4×4 owners in dirt-heavy rural areas.

Old Man Emu will offer the MT64 shock in multiple fitments for popular 4×4 models. Expect more application details and pricing down the road.

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Off-road suspension expert Old Man Emu has just launched a new shock aimed directly at overlanders. ARBToyota Tacoma Trailhuntertowingmore application details